Monday, April 15, 2013

Federal Internship for Newcomers Program: An opportunity?

The Government of Canada announced has a Federal Internship for Newcomers program. It is designed to assist newcomers gain Canadian work experience. This program will allow immigrants to Canada to have the opportunity to get some temporary work experience in fields they are qualified.
Immigrants of Federal skilled worker category have a good chance of using this program and enrich their CV in Canada.

In addition to gaining work experience, you will be able to:
   - learn about Canadian workplace culture
   - understand hiring processes
   - network with members of the public service and private sector
   - attend orientation sessions or training

I think many of the IMGs, specially who are experienced for years, may also have performed administrative functions as well. Some IMGs may have experience is clinic management, some other may have experience in laboratory management. Working in the area of quality assurance in healthcare may also be an area of expertise. I think if you are one of those, then you can give Federal Internship for Newcomers program a try. 

Who is eligible

The following person will be eligible for apply:
  • be a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen in Canada less than 10 years
  • have the necessary language abilities in English (minimum Canadian Language Benchmark of 6-8) or French (minimum Niveaux de comp├ętence linguistique canadiens benchmark of 6-8)
  • have a post-secondary degree (with the exception of administrative positions where it is an asset)
  • be registered and successfully undergo mandatory screening for employment readiness by one of the program’s identified immigrant-serving organizations
  • either
    • live or work in Ottawa/Gatineau (or within a 125 kilometre radius), Toronto (or within a 125 kilometre radius), the Vancouver Area or Victoria (or within a 75 kilometre radius) (Note: In the future, additional locations may be added)
    • be a graduate of the World University Service of Canada’s Student Refugee Program

Past participants of the program can also reapply to the program once.

Other information

For more information go to CIC website of click here.

This could be a useful tool for federal skilled worker to  start career in Canada.


  1. Replies
    1. As I have mentioned already, these are probably not for doctors. But if there is one with administrative work experience, for example, who used to be laboratory co-ordinator or clinic manager or project co-ordinator, can try for this. You know, Canadian healthcare have administrative posts that don't need MCC.