Friday, April 6, 2012

Form fill up for Canada Immigration as Skilled worker: SCHEDULE A BACKGROUND/ DECLARATION (IMM5669E)

If you are applying in Skilled Worker category for immigration to Canada, you, your spouse and your dependant over the age of 18 years must fill it up.
To get the SCHEDULE A - BACKGROUND/ DECLARATION (IMM5669E) form click here.
Now let us discuss how to fill the background/ declaration form. Number corresponds to the field number in the form ( for example discussion under no 1 here will correspond to forms number one field: 1. Your full name).

First thing is first, check the box for whom the form is being filled. If you, the principal applicant is filling the form, then check the first box. For others check the other box.

1. Your full name:
At first box write down your family name. Put the given name in the next box. If you have more than one given name, put all of them in this box.
2. Your full name in your native language:
Write down it in your native language (for example, if your native language is Arabic, you'll have to write your name is Arabic). Probably this will not be supported by the PDF form. In that case you'll have to write it manually (with a pen after taking the print out)
Other name you are or have been using: Give your nick name here (if you have any). Other wise write "Not applicable"
3. Your date of birth:
Put it in the box following the given format i.e. first year of birth followed by month and date.
4. Personal details of your father:
Fill up the spaces for "Name" and "Date of birth" as you did in the previous sections.
Provide the information in the specified area about "Town/ city of birth" and "Country of birth." Please be cautious not to put your town of birth or country of birth in this fields, which are specified for your father.
Last field is only meant to be filled up if your father has died. Keep it clean if he is alive.
5. Personal details of your mother:
Fill up the spaces as you did for you father.
6. There are several questions and corresponding check boxes for Yes and No. Now read every parts and check the corresponding boxes. Don't forget to provide details in the subsequent area if any of the boxes are checked for "Yes".
This applies to all of your family members above 18 years.
7. Education:
Fill up the boxes and table according to your educational achievements.
If no diploma was issued, write “N/A”. If you need more space, attach a separate sheet of paper.
8. Personal history:
Here you need to give your personal information since 18 year or last ten years, whichever comes first.
Fill the table starting the latest work you are doing. Be cautious not to leave any space time not mentioned. If you did nothing for the time put unemployed against the time space.
9. Membership or association with organization.
If you are member of any organization, write it in the table with the specified time in the specified area of the table.
If you do not have any membership of association just write "None" at the first row.
10. Government positions:
Fill it you ever have served the government. Put "None" as before if you haven't done before.
11. Military services:
Again do it as previous two. Put "None" on the first box if you don't have served any.
12. Addresses:
Put all the addresses where you have lived since your 18th birthday. Put the actual address, not the P.O box address.

There are two big issues. 
First one is very important: Don't forget to sign at the box in the last page and write down the date. Everybody filling the form (applicant, spouse, dependant) must sign in their respective form.
Second one, leave the remaining last portion of the form empty.

To remind again, form fill up for Canada Immigration - Schedule 1, Background declaration (IMM5669E) is mandatory for everybody above 18 years accompanying the principal applicant.