Thursday, September 13, 2012

Validity of medical examination for Canada immigration

It is the time when many of the people are getting medical requests forms for Canada immigration. A question may arise about the validity of the medical examination for Canada immigration. You may want to complete all the businesses in your homeland before you start a new life in Canada, and the process may take months.
The maximum valid time for medical examination for Canada immigration is one year. You will have to land in Canada within this twelve months.
As far as I have understood, after medical examination, there is a security check. This may cause a delay, specially, if the applicants been to a lot of places (countries) before. This may take more than one year. If it takes that long, chances are more that CIC will ask for another medical.
If you have failed to land in Canada within one year of medical examination, I am not sure what they will do. You can mail them in the case specific inquiry explaining cause of your delay (click here to know how to place a case specific inquiry). If CIC finds the reason to be valid probably they will send you new Medical Request forms, or at least show you the way. 

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