Thursday, August 9, 2012

Add newborn child to application of Canada immigration for skilled workers

The processing of application of immigration to Canada as skilled worker takes some time. However, it does not stop flow of life, specially birth of child will never stop. I guess adding newborn child is the most common update the Canada immigration has to face.

Now the question is how will you add your newborn child to your application.

One thing you must know that, you need to inform the visa office about your newborn child within 60 days of birth. Best way to do that sending updated forms with supportive documents. If you can not send the papers, at least you can inform them using your case specific inquiry option and letting them know the cause of your failure to submit the documents in time. I hope they will understand.

To inform them you may use the "Case specific inquiry" option listed on your visa office website. For details about case specific inquiry, click here. Follow their instruction, if they give you some.

The procedure as far I have understood from the web is different at different visa offices. But the core theme is the same. You need to submit the fee and relevant documents.

You need to fill up the following forms:

1. Generic Application Form for Canada (IMM 0008), including the details of your newborn in the dependent section.

2. Schedule A: Background / Declaration (IMM 5669), for you and your spouse with updated information.
3. Fee Payment Form – Application for Permanent Residence (IMM 5620), completeonly for the amount you are paying,
4. Documents providing proof of your settlement fund. Your required fund is now higher as your family size has increased. If you need to know your required amount of settlement fund for Canada immigration click here.
5. Photograph of your baby: give as many copies as required by your visa office (the number of photos that you submitted of your own during submission of application).
6. Attested photocopies of your child's  birth certificate and passport.

And do not forget to put a cover letter explaining the relevance of each of the documents.

If you still face problems to add your newborn child to your application of Canada skilled worker immigration, do not, I repeat, do not hesitate to contact you visa office (prefer to use case specific inquiry as I have mentioned).

Good luck, hope the information helps you.


  1. I need to know whether the 60 days time limit begins from the date of birth of the new born or after receiving primary file number.

    1. It is 60 days from the date of birth.

  2. Shall I have to pay only additional fee for my child or the total fee of three of us? I already paid fee for 2 pf us.

  3. My application was received by CIC on July 4, 2013 and my baby was born on September 27, 2013. Istill have not received any file number or any letter. So how can I add my child to my application?

    1. There are two ways. First, you wait for your file number to arrive. When it arrives, then you'll have to send them completed Generic application form with updated information and additional fee for your child. The second option is that you can contact them by email and follow their instruction. But to me, the first method is more logical. Probably they will advice you the same.

  4. Hello , Can i pay the additional fees in 8500/- Indian Rupees payable at Delhi or i should pay in $150 payable at Canada ?
    I had already shown settlement funds for 3 of us in the initial application , since we were expecting our baby . So what should i do about it ? If possible could u please email me :

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  6. Hi
    I received my PR and have landed in Canada. But i came back to my country and decided to finally move to Canada in a year or two.
    Now I need to know how to add a newborn after receiving PR and not being present in Canada?