Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Canada Immigration: Possible ways

Canada is a nice place to live. It offers the opportunity of immigration to people throughout the world. But one have to understand, they will prefer the people who will be useful to them. That is why they have developed a system for immigration which gives only certain options to qualified persons for Canada immigration.

Canada Immigration: Possible ways

According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada website, there are five ways one can migrate to Canada. These are:

1. Skilled workers and professionals: For people who want to settle and work in Canada (outside of Quebec). Only 29 classified occupations are acceptable. In current year 2011-2012, 10000 applications will be accepted in this category. A maximum of 500 application will be accepted per occupation.

2. Quebec selected skilled workers: For people selected by the Quebec government to settle and work in Quebec. French is the official language of Quebec. If you are thinking of picking up this option, you should know that french is the official language of Quebec.

3. Canadian Experience Class: For people who have recent Canadian work experience or have graduated and recently worked in Canada. This option is targeted to the person who have temporary permit to work or study in Canada. With this option they can convert their temporary permit to permanent one.

4. Investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed people: For people who want to start a business in Canada. Business immigrants are expected to make a C$800,000 investment or to own and manage businesses in Canada, and must meet certain experience and/or net worth criteria.

5. Provincial nominees: One of Canada's provinces or territories can nominate you to settle and work there. Each province has their own requirement and thus their program varies. At this moment Alberta, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Yukon are Northwest Territories offering the scope. Their requirements are available in the respective website.

To bring non-immigrant family of a permanent resident (for example, newly married spouse) to Canada, the permanent resident can sponsor his/ her spouse. This could be considered as another way to migrate to Canada.

Each program has separate requirements and paperworks. If you are planning for Canada Immigration, you'll have to follow one of the above mentioned possible ways and prepare accordingly.

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