Wednesday, November 2, 2011

CAIP note: Another way to know status of your application

CAIP notes/ CAIP file: Can help you know your file status

If you have submitted you immigration application long time ago and wondering why it is not processed yet while other are flying for Canada, you can use this CAIP service. You can also use it to get prepared for your interview as it may contain valuable information about the objective of your interview.
But be judicious about using the service as it may cause further delay of your application file processing.

What is CAIP notes:
CAIP stands for 'Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System'. It is the computer system used by Canada immigration to process visa applications, and holds all the information on the current status of every immigration application being processed by overseas offices (i.e. those outside of Canada).
For new applications the CAIP is replaced by the 'GCMS' system.
To know more about CAIP, FOSS and GCMS, click here.

Can an applicant apply for CAIP notes:
CAIP notes is available to citizens, immigrants of persons living in Canada. So, most of the time an Immigration applicant has no access to the system.
But he can use somebody else living in Canada to avail the service for him. There are also some service providers that will get the CAIP notes for you. If you want, you can Google for that.

How to process:

1. fill up consent form IMM 5475 and signed by me and my spouse.
------- I did it and send scanned copy to my friend through mail.
2. Person in Canada has to fill up formal request form (IMM 5563).
3. Person in Canada has to send both these form with a $5.00 cheque (in favor of Receiver General of Canada) to
              Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator
              Narono Building
              360 Laurier Avenue West, 10th floor
              Ottawa, Ontario
              K1A 1L1
4. Wait for few weeks to get the print out.

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