Saturday, September 24, 2011

Form fill up for Skilled Worker category: Generic Application Form for Canada (IMM 0008) - Part 1

 CIC Canada has introduced a new generic application form for immigration purpose (IMM 0008). All immigration applicants including Skilled Worker category can fill the form from 18th July 2011. Older version of the form will still be accepted till 31st March, 2012. However, it is better to use the new one for the persons who are going to apply from now on.
The good thing about the new generic application form (IMM 0008) is that many of the fields have drop down lists that will prevent silly mistakes and reduce undue delay.

Now let us start reviewing the form. How a person would Fill up/ Complete the form to apply as Skilled Worker
First of all you'll have to download the form. Click here to download it.
First notice there are two buttons at top labeled as "Validate" and "Clear form". I am sure that you are not going to click the later one till you are completely messed up. But click on the first one after completing the form. It will bring notice of any blank fields.

Note that the form is divided into sections with heading (blue marking in the above picture). Each of the divisions are again subdivided, each subdivision having a number (red marking in the above picture). I shall discuss the form using these headings and their numbers. Before that I need to beg pardon for awful marking on the form above. You know, I am not a very good trainer of a mouse (just kidding).

Remember I am helping out only the Skilled Workers to complete the generic form (IMM 0008).

1. Program under which you are applying - Choose "Economic" from the drop down menu.
2. Category under which you are applying - Choose "Skilled Worker" from the drop down menu.
3. How many family members, including you, are in this application (see instruction guide)? - Put the number of your family member whether they are accompanying you or not. The family will include a spouse, a common-law partner, dependent children, and dependent child of a dependent child.
4. Immigration Office requested for the processing of your application - Indicate the name of tThe Immigration Office which serves your country of nationality/ the country in which you are residing, provided that you have been lawfully admitted to that country for at least one year.
You'll get the visa office that serves you form here.
For example applicants of people of Afghanistan as Skilled Worker, they'll have to put Islamabad at the place.
5. Language preference - From the drop down menu select the desired language for the parts

                                                      a) correspondence
                                                      b) interview and
                                                      c) interpreter requested (if applicable)
6. Where do you intend to live in Canada? - From the drop down list first select the Province/Territory (a) and then, City/Town (b).
Example: For Toronto  select as follows:
               a) Province/Territory - select "ON" from drop down menu
               b) City/Town - select "Toronto" from drop down menu

7. Have you received your Certificat de Sélection du Québec (CSQ)? -
This area should be inaccessible to you.

To continue, please click here.


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  2. i have to submit (Generic App Form) IMM0008ENU_2D, but when click on drop down menu, it's doesnot show anything - I am terribly worried for being so late in submitting my forms. Can you reply please earlier?

  3. Try the following:
    1. Start filling up the form. Most of the drop down menu will be generated depending on the data you are inserting.
    2. Ensure that you are using the latest version of Acrobat. Older versions does not support the facilities.
    Hope this help you.

  4. i have done my marriage registry dated on 28/02/2011 in front of notary public and got marriage according to hindu religious custom on 07/03/2011. Now, which date i should enter as my marriage date?

  5. They will cross check your docs. So put the date that you can produce in documents. I suppose your notary public registry document is more important here and you should use the date 28/02/11.