Saturday, March 13, 2010

Books for Medical Licensing in Canada- MCCEE

If you are looking for Books for Medical Licensing in Canada, there are some books that are good for passing licensing exams in Canada. I am mentioning them for those, who are still determined to try their luck in Canada after reading the facts about fate of IMGs in Canada in ""

Books for Medical Licensing in Canada so far I have understood are -
1. Ultimate Review for the MCCEE
2. Ultimate Questions for the MCCEE

Many have studied Toronto notes and after appearing the examination, their feeling was it was huge in context to the questions of MCCEE. Toronto notes are more relevant for MCCQE-1.
Goodluck for the IMGs in Canada.


  1. Is there Pdf available for Ultimate review for MCCEE

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  3. This all guide line is very knowledgeable for everyone. MCC Exam Preparation