Thursday, November 12, 2009

Steps for IMGs to work in canada

- to work in canada, u need to complete 2 steps
- 1st step is to get registered with the medical council of canada.
- 2nd step is to get practise license from approraite medical licensing authurity.
- to get registered with mcc(medical council of canada), u must pass 3 exams.
- the 1st exam is MCCEE(medical council of canada evaluating exam).
- MCCEE is MCQ exam.
- MCCEE determines if the IMG(international medical graduate) is eligible to enter the 2nd exam or not.
- the 2nd exam is MCCQE 1(medical council of canada qualification)
- MCCQE 1 assess if the IMG is qualified to work under supervision or not.
- MCCQE 1 has 2 components : MCQs component and Clinical reasoning skills components
- MCCQE 1 can be only done in canada.
- the 3rd exam is MCCQE 2
- MCCQE 2 assess if IMG is qualified to work without supervision.
- to enter MCCQE 2 , u must at least have 1 year post graduation experience.(internship of course not included)
- MCCQE 2 consists of series of clinical cases(not real patients but done by actors)
- MCCQE 2 can only be done in canada.
- after passing the 3 exams, now u can apply for registeration.
- doctor registered with MCC is called LMCC(licentiate of medical council of canada).
- after that u can apply for residency programs through CaRMS( canadian resident matching serivce)
- CaRMS matching occurs in 2 iterations per year.
- the 1st one is primarily for medical students who were graduated from canadain medical schools.
- the 1st iteration matching results will be announced in mid-march.
- unfilled positions will be entered into the 2nd iteration.
- the 2nd one is for students who were not matched in the 1st one plus IMGs.


  1. Longgggg way to go , well what about that 1 year experience ?? I had done 3 and half year postgraduate training in medicine from Pakistan , will it be acceptable ??

  2. All your courses and training in Pakistan are invalid. You have to pass the exams and most important of all, after passing the exam, get residency.
    Please go through details in

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